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  2. I went to the store and tried to purchase a membership to see if it works. It worked right up until checkout then I got the 'non secure site' warning....... It used to go to paypal and that worked good.
  3. When I try to purchase a membership there is no link to do so and I end up on some varsity football page????
  4. We will be having our first compassion meeting in a few weeks-join us and help promote us This will be a good start for patients and caregivers to come together.
  5. I'm a caregiver in Branch County possibly interested in taking on a new patient.
  6. Might as well spread some cheer and good news too! My health has been getting better and better since medical cannabis entered the scene back in '08. My biggest health goal these days is getting into the best shape of my life. 20 years ago I noticed I was gaining 2 pounds a year. Extrapolating that forward in my mind was not a pretty picture. I was at 212 then. So my goal was to not gain any more weight. Mission accomplished! Now I want the heck out the 200# club(below 200 pounds). I've got about 7 pounds to go to get there. Those 7 pounds of fat have been there for 25 years and they are not going away easily! I'm hammering on the exercise and still eating three balanced meals a day. This isn't a diet, it's a gradual life style change. My cannabis specialist doctor helped me with my exercise by telling me about intervals, bursts of extreme exercise in the middle of my workouts. Those have really amped up my calorie burning and muscle building. I knew way before we had a MM law here that cannabis helped my health in several ways. I was spending over $500 a month on my meds. Now I'm self sufficient and help others grow/get their meds. Medical Cannabis has been very rewarding in my life, all through my life, and I'm very grateful for that. I have learned over my life that the most important thing to do today is to make tomorrow brighter. Do something today for your tomorrow self. Something that you can think about when you wake up tomorrow that takes you to a positive place when you wake up in the morning and you will be ready to meet the challenges of the day in a position of strength. Have things around you that represent some won battles. Life is what you make of it!
  7. Nice trick. Haven't heard about that before. You saved my life. noyasystem
  8. If we are a community, we need to share more than newspaper clippings ... Are you struggling? Let us know ... Are you afraid? Let us know ... Are you alone? Let us know ... we all are facing difficult times; illness, legal issues, fear ... our strength will only rise if we share our problems and help each other over come adversity ... I'll start ... I'm sad, alone, using far too much alcohol while I wait for my MMMA card ... praying that I can make it work ... divorced in May because she didn't want to be alone with me ... I struggle to rise each morning ...but knowing there is a community with similar issues helps me, strengthens me, gives me hope that together we can survive ... even thrive Come out of the shadows and share your troubles with us ... together we are far stronger than alone
  9. Really cant see anyone being as hard core as Sessions hopefully he resigns or gets fired and the next guy isn't so anti cannabis.
  10. PGT #357 - Just Say No! View the full article
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  12. Darn, I thought it seemed like a possible option ... I'll research canna-oil
  13. Looking for mature patients in need of a steady supply of high quality medicine. I grow as wide a variety as I can in order to help my patients, from pure sativas, to narcotic indicas, and many hybrids in between. Let's chat and see if I can't suit your needs.
  14. Looks sketchy. What I do is make pure cannabis oil and put that in a capsule.
  15. So my UA came up negative for mm, thc, pot etc. im gonna say if you're like me you're not gonna fail. i told the new doc anyway
  16. I found this article and I'm fairly sure I can make these but I have a question ... I know medicine effects everyone differently and all that yadda yadda ... but I still need a basic starting reference point to calculate a dose my question is ... does the ratio used, 5.5 grams + 1/4 cup oil = 50 Caps and "This recipe gives a starting guide to potent caps that most find effective but not too strong" seem reasonable to experienced capsule makers?
  17. Very close to waving goodbye to Mr. Sessions Sessions said Thursday he will stay in office “as long as that is appropriate.” Jeff, my man, you were never "appropriate" for that office ... you can leave anytime
  18. I agree with you ... I cringe every time I read terms like pot, joint, and weed in articles about medical marijuana ... it's that stigma you talked about.
  19. GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY (WPBN/WGTU) -- The debate to bring a medical marijuana facility to Grand Traverse County continues. On Tuesday, a special meeting was held in Kingsley where the Executive Director of the National Patients Rights Association Robin Schneider gave a presentation on the laws revolving around medical marijuana. One of the main things she talked about was the Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act, which regulates medical marijuana from growth to distribution. People in the crowd also took the opportunity to talk about how they felt about the $20 million facility proposed by TheraCann. Others said they don't want any kind of marijuana in the area and were opposed to bringing the plant to Kingsley. Schneider also said regulating medical marijuana more would make it less likely for it to spread in the black market. Though a lot of the things brought up at the meeting revolved around the proposed medical marijuana plant, that wasn't the purpose of the meeting. Schneider was there to talk about the law and answer any questions.
  20. Yep! i sure can agree to that as one of the many in this State that has felt the Blow but i still Oh a Big Thanks to the MMMA and all the Lawyer's Members that helped us
  21. PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION LINK! WE NEED ALL THE SIGNATURES WE CAN GET!!! HERE is the link to the petition. DO NOT let this happen to you or someone you love! SIGN!
  22. HERE is the link to the petition. "CHANG WILL ONLY COME IF WE THE PEOPLE ENFORCE CHANGE" Hello my name is Trevor and I am writing this because i am so deeply concerned about the brutality and murder by police in this country. You may of heard the story over the week about ON Saturday July 15th of 2017, 40 year old Justine Ruszczyk of Minneapolis called 911 to report a possible assault near her home, One of the two responding officers shot and killed her for no apparent reason. According to the mayor, "The police body cameras were NOT TURNED ON"! I am deeply disgusted, as this is only one of many many instances where police have MURDERED unarmed and innocent people in this country, some which were the very same people who called those police officers who murdered them. These cameras are BEING TURNED OFF at the police officers will. At any time the Officer deems it necessary they are being turned off AND/OR are classified as, "Malfunctioned", during the incident. After the unjustified killing of, Michael Brown, by the hands of Police Officers,The United States Justice Department Awarded over $23 Million in Funding for Body Worn Camera Pilot Program to Support Law Enforcement Agencies in 32 States! Since then more have opted states and agencies have opted into the program. WHEN turned on and used correctly they document all police interactions with civilians. These body cameras are supposed to be worn by police at all times to document all civilian interactions, BUT that is not the case. BOTH Adults and Children have been victims of Murder by Police! I am so disgusted that i want this to change. I have started a petition on CHANGE.ORG to petition the government to create a law the states the following, "WE THE PEOPLE would like to petition the united States government to create a law that states that any police officer that turns off his or her body camera during their duty and/or any police officer that knowingly is using a body camera that has malfunctioned but has not reported and fixed the body camera to working order during his or her duty will be punished and fined a minimum of $1000 US dollars and will be placed on non-pay leave for a minimum of 2 weeks. If the offense continues to occur, then the officer may be fired from their position and/or let go of his or her position and/or duties. IF and When a Police Officer is involved with an altercation and/or incident and is needed to provide his or her body camera footage AND is unable to do so regardless of reason, that officer will be fined a minimum of $5000 and placed on a non-paid leave for a minimum of 30 days and that officer may be fired from their position and/or duties and/or may be let go from his or her position and/or duties as a police officer. THIS law is needed to ensure the safety of all United States citizens against Police brutality and corruption and murder and any other crime that may be committed against United States citizens from police officers in the course of their duty." There HAS TO BE CONSEQUENCES!!! This is UNACCEPTABLE and we as the people of this country need to come together and force this change! HERE is the link to the petition. The reason why i started this petition is because I can no longer trust the police in this country and because i love my family and i do not want this to happen to them or myself or anyone else. This last story about the unarmed innocent woman killed by the same people who are supposed to protect them is so sad and just disgusting. there will be NO EVIDENCE because the police decided NOT TO USE their body cameras!? Does this make any sense to you, me or anyone else with a brain? This cannot and should not happen. A police badge does not grant extra rights, NOR should it grant immunity from crimes they commit! PLEASE HELP END THIS BY READING AND SIGNING THIS PETITION. MAYBE IF WE MESS WITH THEIR PAY CHECKS THEY WILL ABIDE BY THE LAW!? PLEASE VISIT FOR MORE INFO ON HOW TO EXPRESS YOUR RIGHTS! RECORD YOUR INTERACTION WITH POLICE AT ALL TIMES!
  23. That's because of (at no fault of our own) the seed of stigma planted in your brain long ago that marijuana is a bad thing like paint fumes. If you were at a doctor's office, or at a clinic/hospital, getting a breathing treatment, would you feel like a low life huffing paint fumes? When I went to my first cannabis specialist, Dr. Eisenbud, I luckily got to meet and talk with Paul Stanford, one of the foremost caregivers to have entered the scene back in '08. He had this huge turkey bag for his Volcano. That was a priceless experience in learning what works the best. He ran an awesome cannabis clinic. New patients need to get de programmed and re programmed. He helped send me in the right direction. Fine tuned what I already knew and showed me some things about cannabis I only suspected.
  24. What Is ‘Larf’ Cannabis and What Is It Good For? Will Hyde (PicturePartners/iStock) What Is Larf Cannabis? “Larf,” while a fun word to say, is a term some cannabis consumers may not have heard before. It’s a slang word that refers to smaller, immature buds that didn’t quite reach their full potential. Usually these buds are wispy or fluffy little flowers found on the lower branches of cannabis plants. Generally, their immaturity is attributed to lack of light penetration due to living in the shadows of the bigger, topmost flowers (called “colas”), but other environmental factors can cause similar results. RELATED STORY The Stages of Cannabis Plant Growth What Is “Delarfing”? Many growers use practices to minimize larf and allow plants to focus their energy towards producing exceptional flower within the canopy. Delarfing is just that! By pruning, training, and removing any additional vegetation that is not receiving adequate light, you can “delarf” a plant. Think of it like a busser at a restaurant. If you pre-bus, or remove the dishes as they become unnecessary, it makes the final cleanup of the table that much more efficient. In the case of cannabis, the final cleanup is the harvest and trimming of the plant. Preemptively removing these small buds early in the plant’s flowering cycle will make processing the plant that much more productive. RELATED STORY Your Guide to Pruning Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield What Can You Do With Larf Cannabis? Not everyone delarfs their plants, which is why you will find items like budlets or popcorn nugs/buds (named for their round miniature stature that’s about the size of a popped kernel of popcorn) on dispensary menus. Even though these petite buds can have lower concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, they can be used in several ways and make for a great discount buy: Produce cannabis oil used for preparing infused edibles Roll larf into joints or blunts Load a popcorn bud into a bowl whole as a “snap,” a bowl that is just big enough for one person to finish on their own. RELATED STORY How to Pack and Smoke a Bowl of Cannabis Though less desirable than top-shelf flower, these smaller discount buds have plenty of uses. They might be worth giving a try, especially if you’re looking to stretch your dollar a little further at your next dispensary visit.
  25. That's the Colorado Court Of Appeals, not Michigan. Too bad Michigan Courts didn't use the same logic here to NOT search our homes when the sweet scent of cannabis could be a legal scent. This just goes to show you how crooked our courts here in Michigan are. To any normal mind the scent of marijuana in a MEDICAL legal state is not probable cause to search anything. There are ten of thousands of legal grows in Michigan that are wide open to discrimination and hate crimes because of our courts.
  26. I was big on digital ballasts until they failed, taking at least one bulb with them each time. Doing their crazy 'on and off' game that the plants hate. I tried at least 6 name brands and they all failed miserably eventually. I think they are ridiculous compared to a magnetic ballast. The reason a bag vape is better, in my opinion, is that you breath in at your own rate.
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