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  1. This is first time I could log into site in 4 days, error on my end or site error?
  2. Awhile back I had something on top of leaves that were really small. Only way to see them was with scope. They were only on one plant and it got destroyed. All other plants were fine. I did try to treat the plant, but no luck. Bugs would come right back.
  3. A lot of townships are waiting for state to set the rules. Too many unanswered questions at this time. Our township voted to draft an ordinance, but will wait until later in year to implement. Noticed that if recreational is approved, then township will lose the percentage from the sale. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Still waiting for some petitions myself, been a couple weeks now. Will call again and request the petitions. Nice jacket Bob, left mine on a stump back in early 70's. Was cutting firewood and forgot to pickup at end of day.
  5. I got the same message when I went to purchase a membership.
  6. New site looks great! Thank You.
  7. Genotype has seeds, but are $10 on up. Find it hard to spend that money and not being that good at germinating. Do you have a clone bucket? Get some clippings and put in clone bucket. 10 - 14 days later you got some plants. I use a 8 hole 5 gallon bucket that has an air stone and a pump. Works great. I can give you dimensions of everything if you wish to build.
  8. Yes, welcome Don! Most time I just read and don't post. Not into the disputes.
  9. Presidential Primary Election: This election, like all elections, is open to all registered voters. However, because this is a "closed primary," voters will be required to indicate which party's primary they wish to vote in, and they will then receive that party's ballot. Remember, voters do not need to be a registered member of a political party in order to cast a ballot. You had me questioning my comment for a minute.
  10. Are you sure of this?
  11. If you voted in the Presidential Primary, you had to pick a party before being issued a ballot. But then, this is only identifying yourself for this one election. The parties do gather this data and send out propaganda. I have voted R and D in the past.
  12. Always had trouble with seeds too. Recently bought a clone tray, dome, root riot cubes, and heat pad. Do like resto said with paper towel, then put in cubes, put dome on top, have a light source above dome and try to control humidity. Works great! It just takes practice, suggest experiment with some regular seeds first, then try to good seeds.
  13. Which petition is MMMA going to have at High Times booth this summer? I'm kinda behind with these petitions this year, need to read up on both. Still plan to distribute petition in my area.
  14. I still question if the state ever started checking the signatures. Anyone know?