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  1. If we are a community, we need to share more than newspaper clippings ... Are you struggling? Let us know ... Are you afraid? Let us know ... Are you alone? Let us know ... we all are facing difficult times; illness, legal issues, fear ... our strength will only rise if we share our problems and help each other over come adversity ... I'll start ... I'm sad, alone, using far too much alcohol while I wait for my MMMA card ... praying that I can make it work ... divorced in May because she didn't want to be alone with me ... I struggle to rise each morning ...but knowing there is a community with similar issues helps me, strengthens me, gives me hope that together we can survive ... even thrive Come out of the shadows and share your troubles with us ... together we are far stronger than alone
  2. Darn, I thought it seemed like a possible option ... I'll research canna-oil
  3. I found this article and I'm fairly sure I can make these but I have a question ... I know medicine effects everyone differently and all that yadda yadda ... but I still need a basic starting reference point to calculate a dose my question is ... does the ratio used, 5.5 grams + 1/4 cup oil = 50 Caps and "This recipe gives a starting guide to potent caps that most find effective but not too strong" seem reasonable to experienced capsule makers?
  4. Very close to waving goodbye to Mr. Sessions Sessions said Thursday he will stay in office “as long as that is appropriate.” Jeff, my man, you were never "appropriate" for that office ... you can leave anytime
  5. I agree with you ... I cringe every time I read terms like pot, joint, and weed in articles about medical marijuana ... it's that stigma you talked about.
  6. Close Resto, its a Plenty Vape from S&B ... I don't like the idea of using plastic bags to inhale, seems a lot like huffing spray paint fumes ... I guess I'll try a soil grow and a bubble ... see how things turn out. I'll get those 600 HPS lights you suggested and hang one inside each tent. You're not big on digital ballast, should I still go with magnetic?
  7. darn, I just read the "look in Longhairs Lab" thread ... seems like, once built, it would be fairly easy to keep going ... too many options for a newbie
  8. I'm leaning toward grow tents due to space issues. TopoLite has a 32 x 32 x 63 for about $50. I'll get two and run one flower and one veg when everything is set up. I'll need to work out the timing so I can have medicine available. It would seem that running four single-totes allows me to spread the growth cycle better ... does that sound like a good plan? Woot ! My vaporizer arrived via fedex !!
  9. I've been reading a lot of grow room posts and trying to determine something feasible for a first time grower, me. If I start with two bubble totes, two plants each, and I have one tote in Veg and one tote in flower ... would a 50 watt LED for veg and a 250 watt HPS for flower, small fans for circulation, in separate sides of a simple divided enclosure ... work for a first timer as long as I pick strong strains that are first timer friendly?
  10. I'm 55 years young. I spent 20 years in the Air Force, 12 years in operational and 8 in support. The change from operational was determined by my PTSD, not my choice. Thankfully, I was mis-diagnosed and able to finish my 20 years of service. Sadly, I was mis-diagnosed and it took me 11 years of struggle with the VA to get the proper diagnoses. I never thought of myself as disabled. I never sought the PTSD diagnoses. I struggle with the "label" of individually unemployable ... I know the truth of it ... but how does one accept it? 

    My future is still unwritten, each day still brings the promise of hope, my faith keeps me going forward ...

  11. I need to interject something that is really important ... honest new patients. I completely understand the CG's terrible position ... a patient can purchase from almost anyone but the CG is held legally responsible for every transaction. That is wrong. It needs to be fixed within the law. One of the reasons that I moved to Michigan was the MMA and a possible treatment that might work for me. I'm new here and I understand how that may make me seem dangerous; no family ties, no relationship to patients you already have, no background in this state. Honestly, I'm not sure I have the courage that I'll be soon asking of CG's when I contact them and can show my MMA card. I don't know the answer ... but please remember that real patients do exist, we have real medical issues that qualify under the MMA, and we do need CG's to help us get started. It's not fair that I ask a CG to take a chance since the dangers they face are far greater then my own ... should I just buy seeds and pray I've learned enough to start growing my own ... or do I reach out and ask a CG to risk so much for my benefit? CG's aren't alone with facing difficult issues, honest patients face similar, maybe more moral, issues ...
  12. There is point in time when we must ask some questions of ourselves ... are we here to demand justice for our community or to shield all those that fail to follow the MMMA ( as in the act itself). (c) For purposes of determining usable marihuana equivalency, the following shall be considered equivalent to 1 ounce of usable marijuana (1) 16 ounces of marihuana-infused product if in a solid form. Wax being a solid form. To get to the legal limit for a patient of 2.5 ounces is, in a bizarre way, 16 ounces wax = 1 ounce useable, so 32 ounces of wax = 2 ounces usable, 40 ounces = 2.5 useable 40 ounces dry wax = 2.8 lbs weight If a CG is supplying 5 patients, then 2.8 lbs of wax x 5 = 14 pounds of wax (1) For each qualifying patient to whom he or she is connected through the department's registration process, a combined total of 2.5 ounces of usable marihuana and usable marihuana equivalents. If my math is even close ... a legal limit of 14 pounds of wax for 5 patients per CG law, then 35 lbs isn't even within a long stretch of the legal law. People that don't adhere to the MMMA law hurt us all, they bring discredit upon all the MMMA abiding patients and caregivers that strive to help their fellow man Too many articles that appear here are, upon careful reading, trying to defend people that are not following the MMMA law as it is currently written If you don't follow the MMMA law then you are operating outside it's protection If you don't follow the MMMA law and try to, once caught by LEO, to call upon it for protection ... You reap what you sow The MMMA law is in place, it protects those that carefully follow it's guidance ... shouldn't we concentrate our efforts to help those that are doing their best to follow the rules and, honestly, let those that obviously go beyond it's protections ... face the law I may be flawed, I may be off in my math, but my only intention is to say ... shouldn't those that are striving to be good stewards within the current MMMA law be the ones we champion and help ... while those that choose to run afoul of it's protection face the legal ramifications of their choice?
  13. I'm looking forward to seeing the six foot fences of "something like chain link" and the "enclosed top" over these farms ...outdoor grows ... same rules apply to all, right? <snicker>
  14. It would seem that since the Patient effectively "hires or contracts" with the Caregiver, then the Patient would bear the legal burden alone. The Caregiver was brought into the relationship by the Patient and should therefore only be responsible for completing the paper work correctly and supply the medicine as specified. The Patient initiated the relationship and clearly demonstrates that by completing the paperwork and filing with the state .... or so it would seem to me (completely unqualified in Law but fairly sane)