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  1. Is this including caregivers or is this if legalization passes?
  2. Really cant see anyone being as hard core as Sessions hopefully he resigns or gets fired and the next guy isn't so anti cannabis.
  3. Newbies should start off in dirt its way more forgivable than bubble buckets and totes.
  4. Get a 400 watt hps for flower and a couple t8 or t 12 fluorescent fixtures for veg to start then upgrade later .
  5. I am getting ready to harvest some plants this week but im liking what I see and want to try to put them back into 24 hour light after harvest to see if I can get some new growth regenerating I did pull cuts off each plant but none of them took to the soil and died is there anyone actively doing this or have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I dropped a dirty THC UA in the 90s at 47 days .
  7. All of my current patients came from this website so I did not know or had no way to know if they were not law enforcement but each gladly waited and we all are happy working together . Its a personal opinion thing some might want to roll the dice but I cant afford them coming to me and possibly burning down my world because we have a different view of how the law reads.
  8. Thing is before the card arrives there is also no way to verify if the person you met here or on another site isn't an undercover cop I understand that once the paperwork is signed that creates a defense but depending on location IE north of 8 mile that defense is likely going to be denied by the Anti-cannabis Oakland county courts, on the other hand, your home will get raided and I'm just more comfortable waiting for the cards if the patient isn't I wish them well and find someone who is .
  9. No this is not any type of trap its a website for medical marijuana patients and caregivers get together and share ideas . We have a classifieds section where you can browse and see if anyone is in your general location but be awae=re that if you choose to sign on with a caregiver there is a waiting period before they can start providing you with medicine usually take 3-4 weeks for LARA to send you both your cards at that time you can conduct legal transactions of medicine.
  10. Being a caregiver is not a money making experience and at times its a thankless job if you end up with bad patients currently all of my patients are great but still im making a meager living by growing and make enough to pay my $400 light bill month to month and not a whole lot more .
  11. Im sure law enforcement in our state will treat vaping in public as the same as smoking and your not suppose to use medical marijuana in public.
  12. A good friend put me in touch with a person in Howell so im going to work with them and check out their gear there are a ton of guys on craigslist but not real sure I want to even take that risk at least this guy has been vetted by a friend.
  13. Politics and religion destroying peace for thousands of years......
  14. I have an easy cloner 30 works fine most of the time and the Dr Greenthumb Bubba OG roots within a week but lemon cake Tahoe OG and Blueberry cuts all failed this go around .
  15. I dont know of any local seed shops so my only option at this moment is my seed bank ive collected over the years.