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  1. The new software version has a different way of presenting classifieds, which requires a data migration that hasn't happened yet. We are trying to finish off the upgrade this weekend, at which point classifieds should be back, and memberships available again for purchase.
  2. 10 ounces of marijuana plus any marijuana produced by your own plants. Anything over 2.5 ounces needs to be locked up.
  3. We are still experiencing issues from the upgrade, but working through them as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience, and I'll make an announcement when it is properly configured so everyone can sign up. Thanks for your support!
  4. PGT #357 - Just Say No! View the full article
  5. You are lucky. They are very nasty. The only thing worse for the health of the plants, in my experience, is powdery mildew, but that is easy to spot. People struggle for a long time with rust mites and broad mites before figuring out that they have bugs. It looks like a confusing nutrient deficiency that slowly walks the plants to death's door. I don't think they are native, so unless you have taken in some clones, it probably isn't rust mites or broad mites.
  6. Do you have a 60x microscope? It may be rust mites or broad mites. They are incredibly tiny and suction the life out of your plants. They live on the tops of leaves, not the bottom like spider mites. You cannot see with the naked eye like spider mites.
  7. Sessions will likely write a memo. Until he is out and a new one is written, will law enforcement follow it?
  8. PGT #356 - Don't change View the full article
  9. I'm also going out on a limb here and saying, even though they were not supposed to weigh it, I guarantee they did not take it out of the jars to weigh it. They are total buffoons with only arrest in mind.
  10. Also, the first revision of this story implied that one could overdose easily by putting on too much cannabis lotion, which is impossible. The comment came from the police, obviously.
  11. It is an infused liquid, and should not be weighed, but measured in fluid ounces. The story is made to justify the seizure, which was illegal.
  12. Still working, as you probably guessed, on the SSL issue with the site, but we are back for now. Sorry for the interruptions.
  13. People v Crowell in Lapeer County, maybe. But I don't know if that action is documented in the case since it was basically a failure of "investigation." I can't remember the timeline of that case. They sent subpoenas to 50+ patients (gleaned from seized records) to try to compel their testimony against the dispensary, and all of them plead the 5th, in my recollection.
  14. MMMCC has always been able to provide a proper patient chart when requested by our office. Denali, Dr. Crocker, First Natural Wellness, many places in SE Michigan, have all been able to provide proper charts. Followup is the responsibility of the patient, and the biggest thing you can do to affirm your defense is have regular followup visits/check ins with your doctor, and provide records for your file of any ongoing care by other doctors. That works no matter who your doctor is, as long as they are keeping records and will respond to a HIPAA record release request.
  15. Welcome back to last night!