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Marijuana Works To Reduce Iop In Glaucoma

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who says marijuana does not work to reduce IOP in glaucoma?



even orally:


This uncontrolled, unmasked, nonrandomized, prospec-tive study does not permit definitive conclusions about the

efficacy or toxicity of cannabinoids in the treatment of

glaucoma. There is an impression from this study that

treatment with oral THC lowered IOP in this group of

patients with end-stage open-angle glaucoma, but the

development of tolerance and the coexistence of signifi-cant systemic toxicity limited the potential usefulness of

this treatment. It was particularly impressive to the inves-tigators that throughout the study there was no observed

tendency for either the physicians or the patients to abuse

their access to cannabinoid derivatives. Furthermore, both

the patients and ophthalmologists greatly appreciated the

opportunity to participate in a study that gave them legal

access to cannabinoids as a last-resort treatment for end-stage glaucoma unresponsive to conventional treatments.


i do not understand why they talk about limited usefulness, the conventional medications had failed in these test subjects. it has tremendous usefulness for subjects where other medications do not work.


i do not understand why they talk about toxicity to oral thc.




All subjects experienced side effects during their

treatment with THC during this study (Table III). The

most commonly described toxic effects were dry mouth,

sleepiness, dizziness, depression, and confusion; these

effects were the same as those reported by other investi-gators.

18,19Although many of the side effects were consid-ered mild and were of little concern to subjects, other effects were very significant.

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