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Case Report Of Cannabidiol Oil For Anxiety, Insomnia, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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The main finding from this case study

is that CBD oil can be an effective com-

pound to reduce anxiety and insomnia

secondary to PTSD. A review of the lit-

erature suggests some benefits from the

use of CBD because of its anxiolytic and

sleep-inducing effects. 9 Animal studies

support use of this treatment and report

that “CBD may block anxiety-induced

[rapid eye movement] sleep alteration via

its anxiolytic effect on the brain.” 21

The strength of this particular case is

that our patient was receiving no phar-

maceutical medications (other than non-

prescription diphenhydramine) but only

nutritional supplements and the CBD

oil to control her symptoms. Her scores

on the sleep scale and the anxiety scale

consistently and steadily decreased during

a period of 5 months (see Table 2). She

was ultimately able to sleep through the

night most nights in her own room, was

less anxious at school and home, and dis-

played appropriate behaviors.

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Well, not a very good study,... well, not scientific at all I should say there.


Just a story.


Glad the girl is doing better, but simple "time' could be the answer there. Too many variables.


So people don't get all defensive,... I know for a fact cannabis helps many with PTSD,... but this wasn't even a study honestly.

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right case report is just a case report. they didnt even test the cbd supplement to see if it contained cbd ?

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