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How do I find patients?

To be a caregiver you will need to provide your service to at least 1 patient. For many, their first patient will be themselves, a friend, or a family member. Michigan already has more than 130,000 registered patients, and could have more than 300,000 within five years. Many of these patients will not be able to grow their own marijuana and will be looking for qualified caregivers in their community.


First you need to understand the patient/caregiver relationship. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act makes it clear that patients are consumers, and caregivers are merchants. Caregivers sell their service (time and expertise) to acquire marijuana for patients, or to cultivate marijuana for patients who own plants, but they can not sell marijuana to anyone.


Essentially, caregivers are small businesses, and to become successful a business must advertise. Caregivers will have to advertise their services so patients know what you're offering and if you're available to accept new patients. The best advertising is always word of mouth. Get your current patient(s) to tell their friends and family members, you'll be amazed how well that alone works.


Caregivers have many other advertising options available to spread their message. The MMMA has advertising opportunities available right here on our site. Caregivers are encouraged place a classified advertisement, or to become a member and place free ads. We also have Premium Subscriber pages available that provide caregivers direct access to the patients that visit our site for a minimal annual charge. We also have display ad space available for a reasonable charge to caregivers and caregiver groups.


Compassion Clubs are an excellent place for patients and caregivers to meet. After the official club meeting has concluded, patients and caregivers are free to privately discuss anything they choose. Caregivers may also post ads on other websites like CraigsList.com, in local newspapers, or anywhere they are able to leave a note or flyer.

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