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links_needed.jpgWhat is it that caregivers do?


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association is dedicated to education, advocacy and open communication. By fostering a free exchange of information we empower our community. A high demand is already emerging for training and information sessions covering a broad range of subjects of interest to our members. To meet that demand, the MMMA is developing a comprehensive training and certification program.


Our training programs will be delivered primarily through our Compassion Clubs. Training modules will be developed by both MMMA staff and members at large. A training module is a simple lesson on a particular topic or sub-topic of interest to our members. It can be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes in length. Modules will be video taped and distributed to Compassion Clubs.


MMMA will be developing, taping and distributing training modules and we encourage our members and Compassion Clubs to do the same. If you or your group has a subject of particular interest and an expert on hand to lead a session about it, we’d like you to record the presentation and share it with the rest of us. Send your video to info@MichiganMedicalMarijuana.org so that we can integrate it into our bi-monthly programming sent out to Compassion Clubs all over the state.


There is also a strong demand for cultivation training. The MMMA, in coordination with experienced growers, is considering how best to provide this specialized training. A member of our Training Committee is putting together a 12 week, hands on “Seed to Weed,” program This is an extremely ambitious project. Updates will be posted as we move ahead on this project.


The MMMA will also be setting up a formal Caregiver Certification program. Topics covered will include Patient/Caregiver relations, the Business of Care giving, staying legal, basic cultivation and the ethics of care giving. Candidates who complete the MMMA Caregiver Certification program will receive a Certificate of Completion, will be listed on our website and may use the designation, MMMA Certified Caregiver.


Among the topics currently in development are:

  • The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
  • Qualifying Conditions
  • Individual Patient, Caregiver & Health Care Provider Orientations
  • Registering as a Qualified Patient or Caregiver
  • Methods of Ingestion
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Security & Privacy
  • How to Legally Transfer Medicine, Seeds & Clones
  • Cloning, Germinating and Curing

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