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The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association Needs Your Help


The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association needs your help to maintain and expand our operations. We are taking on more and more responsibilities everyday to preserve and protect our rights and freedoms as guaranteed by the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. But even more than that we are making sure that unscrupulous lawmakers and judges don’t steal the Civil rights that have been guaranteed by the people of the State of Michigan.


Green Trees has been picking up the majority of the cost of our operations as well as providing legal services. They have been more than generous, but we need to expand our services and coverage. We can’t do it alone. We need you to give whatever you can afford. We know it it’s hard times and wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t necessary, but the next six months will be crucial to our movement and the future of our law.


Please help us keep in the fight by donating today. I promise you that every dime will go directly into the cause.


Thanks For All You Do!

Blueberry (Aka Joe Cain)


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Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

3000 Town Center Ste 1800

Southfield MI, 48075.

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