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Our website uses the IPB Content Management System (CMS). CMS sites are the new industry standard for community oriented groups like the MMMA. They are sophisticated with respect to the way they store all the sites images, text, user info, really everything, in database format and generate the pages you see on-the-fly.

Our statistics indicate that over 53% of our visitors use Microsoft Internet Explorer as their browser. Unfortunently Internet Explorer does not do a very good job of rendering CMS generated web pages so when you visit our site you may see images and text that overlap or run off the page. This problem has been reported by many of our visitors using every version of I.E.

Mozilla Firefox is by far a better, faster and safer web browser. It renders on-the-fly pages generated by every CMS system beautifully. The browser is free and we suggest you download and try it for yourself.

Our site is designed to be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.
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