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Additional questions and answers

Q: Why does MMMA sanction local clubs? A: We sanction local clubs to provide some basic level of structure at the community level. By defining the mission of clubs, and establishing standard guidelines for their operation, the MMMA will help local clubs remain within the letter and spirit of Michigan’s new law. By monitoring our sanctioned clubs through periodic visits by board members or their appointees, and member feedback, we will hold clubs to a very high standard of responsibility. Recognized clubs will enjoy MMMA benefits such as multiple exposures on our website, a revenue sharing program, and an invitation to our annual meeting.


Q: Are clubs required to incorporate under the MMMA? A: Sanctioned clubs are not required to incorporate under the MMMA. Clubs that do choose to spend the $20 to incorporate will enjoy tax-free status, access to public facilities for no or reduced cost, and will be eligible to participate in additional revenue sharing programs the MMMA offers. [ Application included ]

Q: How long are meetings? A: Official meetings should be a minimum of 60 minutes and no more than 2 hours.


Q: How are meetings conducted? A: Meetings are brought to order by the host who will first discuss club business including activity and budget issues. The host will then read/view MMMA supplied materials and discuss any questions, suggestions or ideas. The host will then move on to local issues and discuss topics that arise from the local community, and a final question and answer session if time allows. The host then concludes the official meeting and members are free to interact with each other for as long as the room is available. Remind attendees that all personal business must be negotiated in private.


Q: Is it safe to attend a club meeting? A: Is it safe to leave your home, or get out of bed for that matter? Safety is an issue no matter where you go, you should always be aware of your surroundings and what’s happening around you. Many groups meet every day with no organized harassment, why should Compassion Club meetings be any different.


Some concerns that your should be aware of are;


1] Attendees must be cautioned about sharing too much personal information with other members


2] Caregivers could be potential targets for thieves if they make it known they are growers


3] Law enforcement infiltration or intimidation — Law enforcement could try to infiltrate your club and target your caregivers for pressure and/or arrest. They could have dogs sniffing cars in the parking lot, or attendees as they enter a public building. They may even pay your meeting an official visit and try to disrupt it. Make attendees aware that these possibilities exist.


4] Protesters can also be a potential hazard, stay non-confrontational.

Hammer this message: Caregivers may receive “compensation for costs” of assisting a patient. They may not “sell” medical cannabis to patients or anyone else. The cost of assisting a patient includes direct costs like utilities and supplies, as well as indirect costs like time, acquisition fees, service fees, delivery fees, and more, but nobody can sell marijuana!

If you speak to the media: You should be very careful about what you say on the record. Make it very clear that you represent only yourself and that you are not speaking on behalf of the MMMA. Only a few pre-vetted members are authorized to speak on behalf of the entire organization.

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