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Being a club sponsor and hosting a meeting

After you've secured a suitable location for your meeting, and posted a notice on our website, the next step is gather the materials and supplies you will need to conduct your meeting.

Compassion Club Workbook

Print the following pages from our website to create your initial Workbook. We will continue to update and revise these pages, and add additional pages to provide a complete and easy to understand manual of Michigan's medical marijuana program.


Patient Section

  • Medical conditions covered
  • Issuing/Revocation of I.D. Cards
  • Talking to your physician
  • Methods of ingestion
  • Minor Patients
  • Probationers and medical marijuana
  • What qualifies as medical marijuana
  • What is a caregiver and what do they do?
  • Grow your own or choose a caregiver

Caregiver Section

  • What is a caregiver and what do they do?
  • How do I become a caregiver?
  • Caregiver standards
  • What qualifies as medical marijuana
  • How do I find patients?
  • Special considerations for minors
  • Training and certification

Physician Section

  • The efficacy of marijuana
  • Standards of practice
  • Medical conditions covered
  • Methods of ingestion

Common Section

  • Patient/Caregiver Agreement
  • Confidentiality
  • Protections for patients, caregivers, physicians, and visiting patients
  • Affirmative Defense
  • MMM Act
  • MDCH Administrative Rules

First meeting organizational checklist and items sponsors should bring:

  • When will you meet
  • Where you will meet and at what time
  • How often will you meet
  • Appoint group leader(s)
  • Appoint a group record keeper
  • Reserve your meeting space
  • Contact Greg or Brad to arrange for an MMMA speaker to attend your meeting
  • Arrange for other speakers to address your group
  • Publicize and advertise your meeting
  • Have a direction for your meeting, prepare discussion materials
  • Have a Club Workbook of downloads from our site
  • Have guest sign in sheets
  • Have MMMA Membership sign up sheets
  • Have several copies of the Act
  • Copies of all 4 MMMA brochures
  • A laptop or other media presentation aids are encouraged

At the meeting

  • Bring your meeting to order and introduce yourself and other group leaders
  • Work from your prepared meeting outline and start covering the material
  • Introduce your speakers and thank them when they're finished
  • Maintain control of the meeting limiting questions until Q&A time later
  • Repeatedly encourage guests to stay within the law
  • Remind guests that only patients can consume marijuana
  • Remind guests that they can not negotiate any transfers at the meetings
  • Inform them that the law is in effect and has been since December 4, 2008, and it's OK to medicate if you believe you are a qualifying patient
  • Inform them that caregivers may only be compensated for time and service to acquire or cultive marijuana for a patient, selling marijuana is still illegal
  • Finish the formal presentation and begin Q&A time
  • Conclude meeting and socialize until guests leave
  • Sign up MMMA Members and sell T shirts

Note: Responsibilities may be delegated, but it is the responsibility of the sponsor or group leader to make sure meetings are conducted within MMMA guidelines.

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