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Benefits of MMMA sanction

The MMMA offers all local clubs the opportunity to become official chapters of the MMMA by requesting sanction. We encourage all clubs to take advantage of this opportunity and the benefits that sanctioned MMMA Compassion Clubs will enjoy. Sanctioning request must be sent to the current board of directors president or vice president. This position can change from year to year, so viewing the "About" page will lead you to this years officers.


Sanctioned Compassion Clubs are expected to incorporate with the State of Michigan as an Educational Not For Profit. This is necessary in order to open a bank account, reserve public meeting space and raise funds. The cost is only $20 and we have attached a copy of the form for you to review and submit.



M3A sanctioned clubs receive even more:

In addition to the benefits we provide to our non sanctioned local clubs, sanctioned chapters will enjoy the following benefits;


• Non profit status and the benefits of NPO’s including income tax-exemption, the ability to use public space at reduced rates, and the additional protections of incorporation.


• MMMA website promotion including a personal page on our website for each club to introduce your officers and members, to notify people about your meetings and your activities, and to help clubs recruit new members.


• Sanctioned clubs will also have the opportunity to participate in revenue-sharing programs.

- Compassion Clubs retain $5 for every new MMMA member enrolled

- Compassion Club merchandising


Additional = programs are being developed to help clubs generate funds from other sources and will be revealed as they are finalized. Our goal is to develop programs that allow sanctioned chapters to be fully self-sustaining and to provide the resources necessary to effectively serve their communities.

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