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Event planning and fundraising

These two components go hand in hand and are the keys to keeping your club self-sufficient.


All MMMA sanctioned clubs are independent chapters who are responsible to raise the funds they need to maintain and grow the chapter. Every chapter will need some level of funding to properly function, and to serve it’s members and community. Funds will be needed to print flyers and brochures, to generate group or community mailings, and possibly to pay for meeting space and other club needs. Each club must determine what their needs are and then formulate a plan to raise those funds.


Clubs will receive no direct funding from the MMMA and we will not charge clubs any dues. We do expect clubs to sell official MMMA memberships and merchandise to their members, and in their communities. We will give clubs a percentage of the sales they make to help them meet their funding goal. Clubs may wholesale T shirts to local merchants in their area, and sell individual shirts and other club merchandise at festivals, fairs, and other community gatherings, which brings us to planning events for your club. Sanctioned clubs will also be eligible to participate in our revenue sharing program.

Plan Club activities to raise funds and awareness

Your club should organize at least 2 community events each year to generate funds and community awareness. These events can be as simple as inviting a recognized speaker to come to your community and talk about medical marijuana or some other topic, or as complex as organizing a music festival. Sign up for a community service project, for example, some MI NORML chapters participate in the MDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program.


Publicize your event through advertising, the MMMA and other websites, and word of mouth by networking with your friends and neighbors. Your club can work with other clubs to plan larger events and share the benefits. The only thing that limits a club’s potential is the members who lead it!


Events your club should attend


Fairs and Festivals — Communities, counties, churches, health organizations and many other groups host fairs and festivals where you can set up a booth and sell T shirts and MMMA memberships. Your club may also sell other merchandise at your booth to generate additional revenue.


Health Fairs — Local health departments often organize health fairs for seniors. Organizers are always looking for groups to set up informational tables.


Parades — Everybody loves a parade and loves even more being in one. A Michigan Medical Marijuana Compassion Club float could be the highlight of the whole parade!


Events hosted by other clubs — Groups like car clubs host car shows, and the Mason’s host community picnics. Locate groups in your community that host community events and ask how you can get space at their events.


Community swap meets or garage sales — These are also great locations to set up a table or booth to sell merchandise and memberships.


Trade shows and conventions — Some of these groups will allow you to set up at their shows and sell merchandise or distribute literature.

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