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Incorporating your club

Sanctioned MMMA Compassion Clubs will be expected to incorporate as Educational Not For Profit Corporations with the state of Michigan. This is easy and inexpensive. Filing with the IRS for tax exempt status (501©(3)) on the other hand is a long, burdensome process, one we do not recommend local Compassion Clubs attempt to tackle. Instead, local Compassion Clubs may operate under the MMMA 501 ©(3) certificate once our own application is approved.


In order to open a bank account, reserve public meeting space, rent a booth at an event or do other business your group will have to file papers establishing yourselves as a legal entity. This is as simple and inexpensive as it is necessary. To incorporate your local Compassion Club simply fill out state form BCS/CD-502, the cost is $20. Download this form from our website.

Here are our suggestions for filling out certain sections:

Article I: (Your town) Compassion Club

Article II: To provide education and supportive services to medical marijuana patients, caregivers and the community, and to provide community awareness about the efficacy, safety, and legality of medical marijuana. (You may modify this but keep it brief and including the word “education” is essential.)

Article III 1: Non Stock

Article III 2: N/A

Article III 3a: Enter “none” as your club currently has no assets

Article III 3b: Enter “none” as your club currently has no assets

Article III 3c: Through donations from club members

Article III 3d: Directorship

Article IV: The host/director fills out this area

Article V: To incorporate as an Educational Corporation, you must have at least 3 incorporators, an Executive Director, a Secretary and a Treasurer


State of Michigan Corporation Application


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions, someone will always be available to talk to you about your club’s needs.

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