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hmm, morality, or BFD?

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If It's Chemical... How Can You Use It?

I've wondered something reading about the ways people treat and use their MM.   I see some people advocate using chemicals in the manufacturing of meds and for cleaning devices used for consuming. Like butane for honey oil, or chemical cleaners for bongs.   It also seems like most people that prefer MM like it greatly in part because it is more natural, not some crazy chemical from the lab.   So... If one does not like the pharmaceutical chemicals... I would like to think no one here wo



Kicking It Off

I wasn't sure if I should do a blog, or just a thread in the LGP section. I decided on a blog to break up subjects without interrupting threads.   This blog is about interesting ethics. Just some twists and turns I've noticed that I am curious about.   If you take time to check it out and comment as to your take on the subject, that would be great!   Thanks!





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