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A newbies journey into the green abyss...

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Bay Medical Traverse City

I went to my first collective today, Bay Medical at 803 Garfield in Traverse City. Being that this was my first time at such an establishment I was a bit nervous because I don't have my card yet, just paperwork. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted by a polite girl who said that yes they do accept paperwork. With that I also showed her my ID and had to sign an affidavit stating that I was indeed a registered MMJ patient and my paperwork was not falsified. Then from there I followed a



And So It Begins... Week One.

A week ago Monday I began the process of my first grow. Both nervous and excited I went into this task after tons and tons of research. I decided to germinate my seeds by using the soaking method and in 48 hours they sprouted, six strains in all. From there I put them in dirt in solo cups and into a hot house under my aerogarden for light while my grow room is nearing completion. I now have six little babies growing (I posted a few pics in my gallery)!!! Fingers crossed and hoping lots of go





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