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Week Three

I have five plants that are almost ready for flower and the clones are doing well. I moved my grow tent and added a humidifier as well as watering being cut back and plants are doing well. I also added protyk and it has done well not to let plants wilt. I love it. I am excited to star flowering but I am being patient so as to yield better and to not be impatient and flower bunny muffin up... I will keep posting so that I can see what I do and track my success and failures.



Sour Diesel

Week two of my Sour Diesel died...I thought my GDP was in trouble but it is still alive. I don't know what happened but I need to post for some advice... I might want to go back to my original clone guy...



Week Two

So I got a few clones from a local respected organization and I brought home the clones, transplanted them and they are doing great! I have started nuts on their week two as I started out with a mix of farm fox and happy frog soil. I have them in a 1000 MH reflective hood and a 4x4 tent at 18-6 light cycle timed. I check them twice a day and I am pleased.   I also however bought clones elsewhere and while they are rooted well, after transplant I have noticed them start to wilt. I am discourag





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