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Meanderings Of A Muddled Mind

Last night I was gaming and a thought crossed my mind. An old friend had mentioned years ago when my father had passed away from cancer that a cure had been found. He went on to tell me that the DEA and leo had arrested the man and took everything.. all of his research.   I ask a few questions and got sketchy information. Today I realize what he was referring to. Yes it was cannabis. My thoughts follow a natural course to a question: When did the drug companies know that cannabis kills canc

Fat Freddy

Fat Freddy

My Secret Soil Mix

Here is a soil mix I used for one of my grows with good success.     you will need the following   1 bag of green sand ( http://www.garden.com/garden-articles/what-the-heck-is-greensand/128/ )   1 bag of composted cow manure ( http://www.vegetablegardener.com/item/2427/using-manure-to-fertilize-your-garden/page/all ) Note the link refers to cow manure in general, Composted manure is best in order to save time.     1 bag of peat moss ( http://www.peatmoss.com/pm-veg.php )   mix 1/

Fat Freddy

Fat Freddy



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