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Straight Up - Conversation w 420 University

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Jorge Cervantes & Dr Robert Melamede On Straight Up At 5 Today

Jorge Cervantes & Dr. Robert J. Melamede will be on Straight Up with Roger and Vic today between 5 and 7. You can hear and post your questions for them at www.JustGoodRadio.com or www.jgr1.net. To post your questions just log into the chatter box and post them there.   Jorge Cervantes is the author of more than 25 marijuana grow books in 7 languages. He writes for more than 20 cannabis magazines in 7 languages. Jorge attends/speaks at more than 6 cannabis fairs every year.   Dr. Melamede



Robert Mullen, J.d. On Straight Up, Monday At 5

Attorney Rob Mullen will be our guest tomorrow evening from 5 to 7 on Straight Up with Roger and Vic. We'll be discussing the Affirmative Defense, Co-Ops/Collectives, Decriminalization, a whole lot more and answering your questions. Because we'll be having a phone conversation with him your questions will have to be posted on the Chatter Box. We'll have a monitor on the Chatter Box so we don't miss your questions. All you have to do is go to www.justgoodradio.com or www.jgr1.net and log into



Straight Up - Conversation W 420 University

Vic and I will be having a conversation with Michelle Martin from 420 University.   420 University is a medical marijuana training school committed to career development for individuals interested in compassionate care. They're dedicated to patients seeking assistance in the medication process and those that are searching for new sources of income in compassionate care. They offer courses from the industries top professionals in: Compassionate Care, Cultivation, Cooking, Legal Affairs, and P





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