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Future Posting




I hate to say anthing, but...


I don't feel good about posting on the new forums. Why? Because all of the relationships from the old forums aren't toast, but all of the history is.


I don't have any trust that all of our new conversations aren't going to be toast as well. With that in mind, what's the point of posting?


I have about 500 posts on the old site, which I was SURPRISED to say the least. Now, all of that is gone. Or is it?


Waiting to see before I start participating here. I'm a NEW member at several other sites, and I'd rather put my time in there than live through another UPGRADE in 2011.


It was fun while it lasted.


The new site is leaps and bounds better than the old, but without our old conversations and identities, what's the point?


Time for more ICMAG and my new private board. I'm sure this site will survive... 'The Crash' and be bigger and better for it, but... not so sure I'd like to participate here anymore.


I put a lot of time into talking about grow topics, posting up some pictures and doing what I could to encourage participation and grow discussions. You know, to build the web site (and some friendships). Once was enough.


If you remember me from the old site, add me as your friend and maybe I'll come back in a day or two. I don't feel like learning something new and there's no old conversations going on. The rest of you guys get to start the new ones.


Have fun, and good luck.


Maybe it's a bleesing in disguise and I'll put some time into building up participation at the MOCC site. Macomb Oakland Compassion Club.



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You are coming off like a spoiled child,the new format was needed. All of the old posts look like they are still available in a section of this new forum. There was a lot of garbage on the old forums so I see this as a chance to start fresh and new,why not just embrace that stance and help make this new board the best it can be for as long as it is around?

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Shouldn't it be more about what you learned, and what those that read your posts learned?


I agree, this is the fresh start we needed. Most of what was lost was fighting and bickering, and we don't need it. It won't take long for the rest of the good information to be reposted, along with many new posts.

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all the old posts are there. Just scroll to the bottom of the forums page.


We're really going to put our effort into producing high quality content though. The forums will continue to play an important role in our community but perhaps a less prominent one.


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why post? you pose the question, i'll provide my opinion.


because the people who are new,

the people who haven't lit up in 20-30 years because of probition and are now

the people who have never cultivated

the people who haven't read the law

the people who wonder...


these people need answers. you can provide them with some.


they need you to post. we need you to post!




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