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It's All In The Soil




It's all in the soil as I always say when people ask me what's my secret to growing nice plants. I make my own mix consisting of potting soil, organic humus and manure, perlite or pumice, sand, peat moss, and my secret volcanic soil from Hawaii. I mix a rich loamy mix with alot of volcanic soil added in and my plants just thrive living in a perfect soil mix. I also add humic acid and fulvic acid for extra benefits! Nothing tastes better than rich soil-grown cannabis in my opinion!!! Happy Growing!!!



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what type of lights do have have? what is your average yield on plants? mine is 2-2 1/2 oz's per. I have been trying different soil mixtures. also what type of nutrients are you using?  I like staying as organic as possible. better taste better smoke.

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I use a MH/HPS light system and my yields are usually large!  lol  As in say 4-6 oz. per plant.  I use only organic in all my plants and always will.  :)

I se 100% organic nutes for my girls, we have turkeys and chickens so their

poops go to good use and my plants love it!!!  I just harvested a pure indica Afghani original.  A few seeds made it back from overseas!  And as always, Happy Growing to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree that there is nothing better than that grow in soil. I like the volcanic ash idea. Ok, so if I just do it like veggies... only indoors?


I am thinking about growing my own meds since I can't afford it at other way right now.  I am reading all sorts if light wattage things and specific fixtures that are crazy; anyhow, what wattage do you use, for what stage, and could yourecommend an amount of time per day with each of these stages? What if I have a harvest that could set me over; how do I handle that? 

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