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Bc Board Of Commissioners Meeting 4/22/10




Berrien County Compassion Club's Board and members will be attending the Berrien County Board of Commissioner's meeting tomorrow (4/22/10) night at 7:00 p.m. Out of convenience for citizens, they hold board meetings in the evening 4 times a year.


Last September, BCCC wrote of letter of introduction to our County Commissioners. Our reason for attending the meeting now is to inform them how we have positively influenced Berrien County since inception. Some issues we intend to cover are the economic benefits (i.e. club business, and grow stores, etc.), how we have financially supported other non-profit agencies, the volunteer services we have performed, and educating patients/caregivers to remain legal.


We might also just have to slip in that we do attend rally's and protest to support patients statewide.

And oh yeah, Blues Rocks (MI Medical Marijuana patient) was arrested last Friday unnecessarily.


Will advise, how it goes. Join us if you can.



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There were a total of 16 people from Berrien County Compassion Club, SW MI Compassion Club, and Cass County Compassion Club at the meeting last night. The support was geatly appreciated. 3 Members addressed the Commission with all of the items previously mentioned. In addition, local ordinances were discussed.


The commissioners were very gracious and us allowed us to take up about 30 minutes of time (agenda said to limit comments to less than 2 minutes each). They asked many questions, appreciated how much we have and are giving back to the community and gave input about reaching local officials and law enforcement. It was clear, they, like most city/county officials, don't know the law. County Attorney was ignorant when it came to the law.


After the meeting adjourned, we mingled with the commissioners. We found many supporters of our cause among them. One commissioner, in particular, encouraged us to not give up. Some of Commissioners know the ordinances in their districts, or ones being reviewed, will not stand up in court.


As we anticipated there were various news media personnel there as well. Jeff was interviewed for a radio spot(http://www.wsjm.com/Berrien-Commissioners-Hear-From-Medical-Marijuana-/6872493) and we expect our presence to be in the local newspapers as well.


Was truly an encouragement to all of us who attended. We highly recommend that you go to your local County Board of Commissioners and introduce your club to them (if you aren't hesitant about the free publicity it will get your club). Your presence at the meeting allows them to put a legitimate face to the medical marijuana community. It's all about networking, isn't it? Exciting times, exciting times. It's experiences like this, that get you charged up!

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