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Home Office Window Pot Plants




First of all I would like to say that I am a first time pot grower and am just having some fun growing some plants along side my home office window. This all started about a month ago when I found some seeds in a really good bag of weed I had. At the time I was just starting my vegetable seeds and decided that I would be fun to plant the weed seeds and see what happens.

-About a week or two later I started to see my tomato seeds starting to sprout and I noticed that some of them were different, and because I was stoned when I planted my pot seed I forgot. The funny thing is it took me about another week to realize that it was my pot seeds that were sprouting.

-At this point the pot seedlings were about 2 inches high and had started to grow their second leafs. I waited until I had another set of leafs on it and then I transplanted the best two seedlings into a bigger pot of peat moss and gave it a very low dose of fertilizer.

-It has been about a week since I transplanted the seedlings and it seems that they are doing very well, but they are starting to get big and I have been thinking about moving them from my office window, but I am just not sure where to put them. As of now they are doing great and by next week I hope they look even better. Im going to try and write something weekly about my plants and put of pic of their progress


Because I am kind of new with this I will take any type of help


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Unfortunately, you won't likely get really high quality buds (if you get any at all) from windowsill growing. Nothing wrong with starting them that way, but it just doesn't provide enough light on the right cycles. When you are ready to move them into the flowering stage (when they actually bud) you'll need to find someplace to put them where they can be in teh light for 12 hours, and in the COMPLETE dark for 12 hours. It could be as simple as a cardboard box to keep it dark.


In terms of light, use a really powerful CFL bulb. This is the least expensive way to go. The more wattage, the better, and place the plant as close to the CFL as possible (under an inch) without it actually touching it. 8 weeks after going to the 12 hour light cycle, you should have some homegrown.


Of course, it can get much more complicated than that, but light cycles are the number 1 most important thing to be aware of.





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