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Is It Me Or Is West Coast Bud Better Than Midwest And East Coast




i have grew alot of strands and it seems to me the out west strands grow waaaayyyyyyy better than the rest.....???



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I believe those strains have become more vigorous in many conditions due to the constant breeding of different worldwide strains that are disease resistant to there areas and hence create a strain with the characteristics of both mothers including there abilities to thrive in a wider range of climate and surroundings they realy like the beach boys too by the way

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i think more of the growers n cali no wat they doing

Actually it's because the genetics are a lot more accessible on the west coast and their climate helps too. Along with the fact that it's been "legal" out their a lot longer.

I've had Michigan bud many,many, times that was FAR superior to west coast bud. There are growers in Michigan who produce some of the best bud in the world.

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