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I Was Robbed




i just got home and 6 of my plant were gone my grow room trashed and me w/out meds so i call the cops '' owe know you think'' so the get here in 5 minutes flat and come in look at the damage and take pic's and look around for like 5-10 minutes and give me a case number.i think they should have a csi comeout and take prints cause you know they can get them in a clean growroom.but they didnt and that pisses me off cause im out 6 3 1/2 foot ak47 and white rhino witch would have gave me a q/p easly so now i got to wait for a dective to get a hold of me.but they didnt take the 6 i had left and didnt harrass me and im still waiting for my card.so lend me you advice please or what do u think about the cops.



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so now whats going to happen to your plants i would get a Lawyer i just found this today good luck and keep us postedohmy.gif i was robbed to but am inn courtsad.gif got are case dismissed and the PA was not happy so they appealed i think you are lucky as no charges yet but if you got the $$ Ron i would go for it you were legal as far as i see it.


just like me and kingpinn i was told by a Bride that am going to sue just don't know when Peace to you Ron your in the bounds of BUD something like that

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