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Molasses Mixed With Water- Yes Or No




I am wondering if anyone is using molasses 1 tablespoon mixed with 1 gallon of water will make buds grow larger? when do you use molasses I heard during week 4 to 6 week in flower.



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I have read and tried the unsulfered molasses works great in low doses during vegging and also slightly higher dose during flowering good results boosts the carbs for plant to use quickly

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Yes molasses will add to your yield and plant health. Be sure to use unsulphered molasses. It doesn't really effect the actual plant but it is food that all the essential microorganisms in your soil eat,and they in turn help the plant to absorb nutrients a lot more efficiently. It is a symbiotic relationship and is quite fascinating. Read the book called Teaming With Microbes.It was just updated in February and the new edition is available now.It is essential reading if you grow in soil organically or are just curious as to how "smart" plants actually are.

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The common concensus is that Molassis is very good for plants...it's what they call a "chelating agent". That basically means that it makes everything work well together (nute-wise), and therefore really good for overall plant-health (as stated previously)...it's also just very good for taste, harshness, and larger bud size, etc!


The only problem is that when you use it in hydroponics it makes your resevoirs and airstones (in DWC, anyway) a real mess to clean...and also makes your water smell like a dead horse, or something similar (near the end)! If you are using "General Hydroponics" nutes (non-organic), then "Kool Bloom" will help with bud size (sorta), and then a weeks worth of water-flush at the end to get rid of all the dissolved salts from nutes.


Aside from that, if you search it you'll find someone who has actually used it in hydroponics, and knows about the mess...if you can find a way around the messy res. changes and wrecked airstones, I'd say use it 'cause it is VERY VERY GOOD for your plants...no doubt about it! People who grow in soil will swear by it, and everything you read is positive...but everyone forgets to mention what a messy clean-up it is...it's very cheap too!...gotta love that!


Note: You'll have to forgive me for what sounded like a suggestion to use "General Hydroponics" nutes, but it's usually what's recomended for newbies not using organic nutes in their grow! Simply because it's suppose to be "hard to screw it up"! Just this man's opinion!!!


Grow well, and prosper!

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Oh yeah...most folks use only for flowering...smaller amounts might be ok for veg, but only for last couple weeks of veg., before going to 12/12 flower lighting...


Believe only half of what you read, and none of what you hear! Research all suggestions you get from people, 'cause folks will be folks, and can screw ya up more than you'd believe!


Just this mn's opinion!

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