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Why I Am Here And What I Want




I suffer from HSV-1 genitally, that is herpes simplex 1. I've tried taking anti-virals for the condition in hopes of shortening the duration of my outbreaks but they don't seem to have a significant impact. The problem is the sores are painful and make getting around difficult to say the least. They at times keep me awake at night because there is no real way to lay down without causing extreme discomfort.


My doctor has advised me to take Motrin for the pain but it makes no noticeable impact, at a dosage of 1000MG. I refuse to take a higher dosage because of the health threats continuous high dosages of such medication can present. Also as a result of my diagnosis I have developed a rather heavy depression, not only because the pain but the stigma of my disease.


I tried it once during an out break and noticed a difference in my mobility and mood (my mood sours completely during an outbreak). I feel awful for trying it without a prescription but I've reached the point to where I am willing to try anything. I've spoken to some fellow sufferers who say during an outbreak it is a life saver, but they all consume it in states where there are no MM laws on the books.


I don't want to try prescription pain killers as a few colleagues of mine have suggested because of the real possibility of becoming completely dependent on them to function even after an outbreak, not to mention the plethora of side affects associated with such medication. I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle alone.



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sounds like you qualify and should ask your doctor about becoming a mmpatient then contact a care giver to point you in the right direction there are many caregivers available and many different strains of mary jane to comfort all of your ailments and side effects and even sores with use of tinctures and such from the oils in the plant good luck and god bless

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