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The federal law is the real scam and a joke


When you have an herb like cannabis schedule one narcatic


zero deaths...federal medical marijuana patients


And all the other evidence it helps people


not to mention millions of people that want it legal



Good for the people at Green Leaf Smoke Club


I wish them nothing but success!!!!

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Lol when i think of his name Wrigglesworth, i think of that cat from austin powers. good day all!


I know. It will be a tough day for me if I ever have an encounter with this guy. How will I be able to form a cogent argument when every time someone says his name, I burst into giggle fits.

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This is my sheriff. I've actually had several meetings with him in the past as part of my job. Very nice man, just apparently old-school when it comes to MM, and like many others, uneducated or ignorant of the health benefits. Too bad.

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Wasent he in willie wanka and the choclate factory, na just kidding. He should of been tho, maybe he wouldnt be such a joke himself. He totally screwed up two big cases a few years ago, and a rapist went free.

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