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Approximately 90 days has been the average time, but with the rise in the number of applicants the card arrival time continues to lengthen. 20 days after you submit your app you are legal. Just keep that app copy on hand! You will be in the MMMP database ( at least you're supposed to be ) by then, but be careful regardless. LEO has trouble wrapping their lil brains around this. I strongly advise ALL PATIENTS AND CAREGIVERS to have a copy of the entire MM statute on hand at all times, even after you receive your card.

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MDCH in Lansing received my paperwork on Jan 8, 2010 and I received my card yesterday, April 30. 113 days to process an application, print and mail a card.


You might receive yours in about a week.


Good Luck!

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after 20 days from the day the stae of Mich. cashes your check your paper work is golden no questions asked


do you still have to use the AD if something was to happens

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what happened to the 20 working days after the checks cashed? A year ago when i recieved my card. It was 20 working days from the day they cashed your checked. Not just 20 days.

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And allso remember that you can also be cancelled with in that 20 days.So dont say cause they cashed your check. Thats not true.If you hadnt got a denial with in the 20days, then you are good.

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