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Robert Mullen, J.d. On Straight Up, Monday At 5




Attorney Rob Mullen will be our guest tomorrow evening from 5 to 7 on Straight Up with Roger and Vic. We'll be discussing the Affirmative Defense, Co-Ops/Collectives, Decriminalization, a whole lot more and answering your questions. Because we'll be having a phone conversation with him your questions will have to be posted on the Chatter Box. We'll have a monitor on the Chatter Box so we don't miss your questions. All you have to do is go to www.justgoodradio.com or www.jgr1.net and log into the Chatterbox by selecting "profile" and putting in a password.


Rob is currently arguing an Affirmative Defense case to the court of appeals and expects it to be in the Michigan

Supreme court by fall. He has graciously given us the full 2 hours for discussion and to answer your questions.


See you tomorrow on internet radio www.justgoodradio.com. Check it out now, they play some great music and will take your requests.





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