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Brake -Inns




How is everybody out there, what do u do when someone steels your meds. Do u think i can add it to the insurance claim under just meds?



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I doubt your insurance will cover. The people that do this are the ones that will bring the heat on everyone else. Colorado had tons of store front breakins and caregiver thefts, it really tightened up their policies.

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I was ripped last fall and my home owners insurance just paid me off for my 12 plants that got stolen but not the 12 plants that got ripped that I was growing for a patient

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I can install a security system. Police dispatch can be optional. I have my patient card as well.



click on me and send me a private message. I put my name and # on here and its all over the web then.





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The best thing to do is not show your grow to any one. I realize some patients may want to see their plants, but if you provide them with quality mm when ever they need it, I realy dont see why you need to show your room to anyone, remain underground, just because you are legal does not mean you should show people your grow,,when you have a stash of cash in the house do you show that off? nuff said! tongue.gif

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