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How Long It Takes To Be Legal




Hello everybody, I just got my license. After waiting for six months, I decided to call the state. They don't answer. You have to leave a message. My message: You cashed my check, you didn't send my license, it's been six months now.

Two days later, I got the license.

I thought this was unusual, but when I related my story, I found that seemed common for people to have similar experiences.

If your doctor gives you a prescription, how long does it take to get filled? Not a half year.

People I have met, who are in the program, are among the more impoverished in Michigan. Many exist on Social Security and have multiple problems to deal with. They say that MMJ helps to ease pain and anxiety, but they are made to feel inferior when going through the license process.

Doctors balk. They say they are afraid of being prosecuted for making the recommendation. Some speculation is that hospitals they work for, and businesses they represent will fire those doctors, if they do. So finding a doctor in your area may be hard.

That is my experience. :rolleyes:



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My doctor just gave me a script today and I dont know what the hell to do with it. How do I get a card, or do I need one? Somebody please explain to me what do I do next?

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You only need to wait 20 days after applying for your med. marijuana card if you don't recieve a denial by then you are cleared....you can also look up and read on the affirmative and dissmisal on the case this will explain how their are other ways it is legal without having the paper work or ID card! I hope I could help!

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My Dr. has been good about it,But yesterday he informed me there will be new Dr.s in the office and if you have your card and useing Marijuana they are not wanting to write you a script for pain. So now what does a patient do? It says right in the rules they can not get into trouble..and if a Dr. gets fired he can sue the hell out of who ever.. Maybe we need a cpl DR.s sue there bosses and things will change.They can give you 5 ,6 or even more scripts but not Marijuana... what the F*** is wrong with this world? I am so stressed out not knowing what i will do if i have to give up one or the other.I was born with a bunch of disabilitys and they just dont go away when i change dr.s. I am down to a cpl of pills now and i want to keep it that way.When i take my meds i have to have Marijuana so i am not sick . ANY one know a Dr, in the Clare area that is friendly on both? As it is now i drive 45 miles one way to see a Dr.To get what i need.So if they cut off my pills then i will be a criminal again by buying pills on the street instead of buying Marijuana illeagaly i will be buying pills..Just away for the state to make more criminals again..

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If you can get your bank statement, after 5 bis. days of sending in your PW it should show a cleared check to the state. LOL they don't wait 20 fuggin days to take the MoneY!

Make a copy of the statement and keep it with your file/s (I've friends with 4 sets of PW, one in the car , the office, at home, Ect...)


Im still gunna wait 20 days to begin my grow, my dads paranoia sill keeps me honest.


Jaydub go to any compassion club near you and get the form to send to the state, your 100 bucks and 21 days away.


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