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Open Letter To Attorney General Mike Cox

Dickinson County CC



Attorney General,

We the Medical Cannabis(marihuana)patients and caregivers of Michigan would like you give the people and law enforcement some guidance on the law. You are the only one that can do it and ignoring it for political reasons doesn't count. Its your job and the people are being either arrested or are so unclear as to th...e law that the interpretations are many.

What we want is a singular interpretation.... See More

63% of the people of Michigan voted for this and they ARE your constituents. To ignore 63% is to put citizens in harms way and risk 63% voting another way.


Thank you.


We need to hammer his office with actual letters and emails and web posts about his inaction.



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If the people have spoken, voted FOR Medical Marijuana, able to become caregivers AND patients with ID cards to prove it, WHY are these same people being arrested???!!! Let's get the so-called "gray areas" STRAIGHT so the police can arrest the REAL criminals like CHILD MOLESTERS, murderers, etc! Prisons are FULL of petty little "possession" charged individuals, RIDICULOUS!!! Pot NEVER killed anybody yet they hand out deadly METHODONE like candy by the thousands!! I know of 4 people right here in my hometown that have DIED of Methodone overdoses! Why aren't the doctors charged with distributing a deadly drug?! Whose the REAL criminal here? Alcolhol is a horrible mind altering beverage, thousands of families have been devastated by DRUNK DRIVING deaths, yet---it's LEGAL as HELL because all the politicians have to have their martinis, etc! AND! Why is this country called the UNITED STATES??!! A person gets arrested for manufacturing along with some "felony firearms" we used for our target practice out back, NOT to protect a "crop"--ever heard of RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS?? The State dropped it, the FEDS picked it up. His lawyer said he woulda got probation if it hadn't of went FEDERAL...now he's facing 15-LIFE!!!!! It is LEGAL in 13 states, these "UNITED" States! What's wrong with that picture? Not to mention all the miraculous pain relieving benefits of smoking marijuana for those unfortunate ones that suffer from cancer, glaucoma, the list goes on! Hundreds of doctors have testified to the FACTS!!! Wake the hell UP I say to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen! The PEOPLE that VOTE YOU INTO OFFICE CAN VOTE YOU RIGHT BACK OUT!!

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I wouldn't even bother. 2 hell with them all they have no right telling u what you can or cannot use. i live by that. My doctors back me up so i'm confident if I even have 2 go to court of winning. Especially now, theres more info that pot helps neuropathic (sp) pain and that's a biggie cause nothing else does (without bad side effects, very bad)

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