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I Was Arrested Also With My Card In My Hand




i was driving my son 15 year old to the hospital we though he had pnemounia it hurt to breath its about a 15 min drive i was pulled over they said i was swerving and they scared me into believing that i had to give blood my caregiver told me not to but ive never been in trouble so they intimidating enough that that i let them take blood any body reading this always listen to your caregiver there were 4 cops around me yelling at me threating me about 6 points on my license and they will have a warrant to make me give blood in 10 min remember while there making me do all the tests put me in hand cuffs and my 15 year old was watching the whole thing they told me i had to so of course i believed them and gave blood and i know now i made the biggest mistake ive never been in truoble so his intimidation worked, they sat at my car until my husband got there and picked up our car with my 15 year old in it they thought they were heros cause they didnt take my car or my son while my 4.0 son was just traumitized beyond anytrhing hes ever been thru. ive never been in a jail cell before theres no bars you are locked in something like a vault and noone would talk to you no matter what i did if you bangedc on the door you got in bigger trouble. they told me no matter what i had to stay in jail for8 hours thats long it takes to be sober. think about that how hypacritical that is.i cryed the first 4 hours and the last who was ever in the cell next to me kept screming to me slamming on the wall so i banged back ive had 15 surgeries ive been very sick my whole life now its even more charges because one of my meds is methadone ive been driving on methadone for 1 1/2 years no one has sdaisd a word. this gets better three days ago my printer ran out of ink i own a business i need ink and this time i had my 6 and 7 year old with me im driving in the same city kalkaska mi stay away and i look up and im bieng pulled over the lights i was like this is a joke i had not smoked one hit that day not one but remember im prescribed methadone legally so the police man said get out of the car i knew where this was going and now i have my babies with me crying when mommy got out of the car and handcuffed. they gave me all those tests count up down and i would swear on my dads grave that i passed every test thjey gave me but i legally take methadone thats enough to go to jail again i was threatened abour the 6 points and all the stuff so i did it the police man told me if i cooperate i would be able to go home never ever trust a cop ever they will outright lie. oh i forgot the part about we did all the tests he called for back up i knew what that meant and guess who is tjhe cop the same one that arrested me a few months ago. right then i my as well of just saID HANDcuff me i call that harrassment. again i was swerving but he didnt tell me aftewr i was arrested he tld my husband that he didnt have his camera on much again police lie if your a mom or i guess dad there is nothing worse than bieng handcuffed and arrested in front of your child so now they start the yelling about the blood test and i didnt listen to my care taker and gave blood if thers anything ive learned is always listen to your caregiver so i went to jail again never in my life been to jail and im 42 years old they didnt take my card how nice of them but im basically facing like two drunk drivers but instead marijuana and prescription. i left out the most important thing 3-4 months ago i had a stroke which they did not take my license which by law they are supposed to. and if im that bad of a driver why didnt they take my license after the first arrest. ive never in 42 years ever even came close to bieng arrested and here is the worst part of the whole thing and im afraid im going to need your help anyone out there that has a card or simply are pro medical marijuana i might need you all to getr together and rally and make the paper and elwections are coming and alot of attention is bieng looked at these arrests so please keep paying attention to my letters or if someone can be my helper on getting the word out ready for the scariest the police that arrested me told my husband that i should get in trouble but hes cutting my break which was so relieving well i got my paper work today about my arriainment and i am bieng charged with child endangerment if i lost my children i would die inside and not seeeing my husband 15 year old i wouldnt want to live the second arrest and i know im in trouble because the police man didnt charge me with child endangerment the prosecutor added it my arrainment is june 16 at kalkaska mi please anyone that can come and help please do were a family and i need mine so please keep looking for my updates the crazy part is i thought they take my card they didnt so i very badly need a caretaker my lawyer said that was first thing ilive in northern michigan antrim county please someone help me my name is michelle and monday im meeting with my lawyer so look for a blog monday i love you all thankyou



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