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The Cafe In Waterford Is Business As Usual For Eat, Meet And Greet With Benefits




:rolleyes: I just went to the "Everybody's cafe" here in Waterford and business is good as usual. There was plenty of different items to choose from and lots of variety and people as well.


I really love the private club idea and the club gives me a variety of "STUFF" to choose from as well as the good food too.


For some crazy reason I had the impression they could not do the private club anymore, but I was mistaken. I'm glad to see the club is still going on and there are plenty of products to choose from and the different vendors.


Don't forget to stop by and meet the people from the Waterford area compassion club in the Cafe. I'm thankful of the good people here in Waterford.




I donated a $300 dollar wireless alarm system to "The smokin poker bowl" raffle. The alarm system includes 1 keypad panel and 1 door sensor for that magical room, also it will call 1 phone number with no monthly fees. (must have a phone line, it plugs in like a fax machine or like an ordinary phone does.)


As you all may or may not know that I specialize in burglar alarms and camera systems for patients and caretakers. Licensed and insured company.


I am teaching at the MMA "Medical Marijuana Academy" in commerce on the date of the Smokin poker bowl the 10th. So I may not be there or if I can go I'll be later on in the night for a short while.


Send me a private message if anyone has any security related questions.


I keep a low profile so I'm not posting all my contact info on the blogs.






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