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Proposed New Foundation For Medical Cannabis Research And Education

Medicating Social Network



Months ago a few patients and caregivers had begun to formulate a new foundation that will use donated monies from various events, projects and other areas to pay for new or current research and education developments in the medical marijuana community. The monies will be divided into two fellowships that will go to a private or public entity and subsidize or pay for the project in its entirety. A meeting is currently being planned and we are looking for interested members in the medical marijuana community for its assistance. Logos, websites, and social media services are being constructed as well a possible Continuing Education Certificate Program at Wayne County Community College for doctors and nurses. I have a power point presentation with the proposal and can make it available for anyone who wishes to see it. Professionals such as lawyers, doctors, scientists, educators, compassion club executives and alike are needed to help execute the Foundation for Medical Cannabis Research and Education. A Walkathon around Belle Isle and Celebration, Medical Symposium and benefit Black Tie Dinner are just a few of the events being formulated. Originally set for September 25 we have decided to push back the event due to application processes.


Once you read the presentation, I hope you are as thrilled and pumped as I am to begin assisting this worthy foundation. Lets make America the number one researcher,educator and producer of medicinal marijuana in the world!



Greg Pawlowski

Executive Director, FMCRE



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I would love to. I have a power point presentation I can send to you. I will look up your compassion club contact email online and send the presentation to you there. If you want me to send it some where please let me know.



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