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Dr. Not Being Fare To Patients, Gladwin, Mich. Our Dr.eft And New Dr. Wants To Cut Us Off.help!help!



I have been seeing a Dr. in Gladwin for a few years now. The Dr. there signed my medical amrijuana ap and so did he on my renewall. Now the problem is, That Dr. NO longer works at the clinic. The clinic has new Dr.s, and now they are trying to say WE has patients have to either give up our cards or give up our pain meds. THIS is not fair at all. I was born disabled and didnt ask to hurt all my life.right now i recieve 150 norco,s a month is all i recieve.The Dr.s have offered me alot stronger meds and i refused. So the point is. IS THERE ANY THING THAT I AND ALL OTHER PATINETS CAN DO TO THIS CLINIC? any oen have any ideas? and any one that goes to Family Care Care Center.and is going through this same thing. contact me or www.attorneyable@riseup.net and let huim know it is from the Gladwin Clinic. I am trying to get a group together to go against this Dr. and any other Dr. that wants to neglect therte patients rights and health. Thank you. I would ask the mmma but they dont seem to be in only the fights they know they can win.Or where there is money to be made.

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