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July 1St Peaceful Smokeless Protest Re: Med. Marijuana : Unfair Treatment




Please stand up for your rights and join us in Saginaw Michigan, on July 1st. at 9:00 am on the sidewalks of Saginaw County Courthouse.(on North Michigan and Court Streets.) Peoples rights are being violated when local police can choose to enter homes of card holding (and showing) medical marijana caregivers and destroy property and later state that will not happen in future. What gives Saginaw Sheriff Federspiel the right to drive around in a car taken from DOPE dealer, when that person is a patient.??? This reminds me of book written in 60s about "big brother, looking over your shoulder." Something about the year 2010. If you are a Saginaw County resident and are a registered voter, please come sign recall petition for Sherriff Federspiel.



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