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Die Alone




Here I sit on a Tuesday afternoon just returning from Physical Therapy.. My place is empty but I can hear the movement of the people upstairs. Most days I am pretty happy that I live here in my own place by myself, but some times I get really lonely. I have no friends here yet in Michigan and I just don't have the tools to go out there and find friends to get together with.. so this is why I come online. My parents think I am an idiot a lot because I meet a lot of my boyfriends or friends online but it's not much different from meeting them at a bar I tell them.. the only difference is that you can see them in front of your face. Of course it is important to be attracted to someone physically, but even if you can find 1 thing you like about a person's exterior and forget the rest has flaws.. then once you grow attached to them and love them.. those flaws turn into beauty and it doesn't matter anymore. I don't understand the shallowness of the people in this world, but it comes way too often and hurts way too much some times. I am a huge "Lost" fan and there is a line Matthew Fox (Dr. Jack Shephard) said in on of the 1st season episodes in a speech to the rest of the survivors.. "If we can't live together.. then we are going to die alone".. this is the basis for my blog.. I believe I am here to help others and that is my purpose in life. One thing I can say is this.. no one should die alone.. and I do not want to die alone. I really hope the saying "There is someone for everyone" holds true.. because Dying Alone.. NOT an option.



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