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Diabestes And Medical Marijuana




Hello...I am new to all of this, however my partner and I have been told about some type of OIL that has stopped the prgression of diabetes. I cannot remember the name of it but if anyone has heard about please reply to this.

My partner was diagnosed with type II diabestes six yrs ago and has had a difficult time getting it under control. We are very interested in finding our more if at all possible. Thanks, any input is greatly appreciated!



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I was on 75 units of Humalog a day and my blood sugar was still out of control. I started eating a 1/4 inch dip of a toothpick in Simpson oil every day and now am completely off insulin, I still take Metformin but I'm in the process of lowering the dosage and monitoring sugar. My fasting sugar is now around 100 while before it was around 400. Medibles should have the same affect as the oil. Peanut butters oil works wonders on diabetic lesions.



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Thank you...I couldn't remember what the 'oil' was called. At the moment she is on humalog 3 times a day and takes lantus at night as well as metformin. It's a lot for her and we want to try the Simpson oil. Thanks again your help is appreciated!

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