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Pre 1975 - Columbian Gold Bud, Red Bud & Thai Stick Seeds



I recently caught up with an old friend that I used to get the real gold bud from back in the early 70s. When no one had buds, he had the lids of the real deal gold bud or red bud, or Thai sticks or hash. We talked for a few minutes and the conversation of course led to buds. I mentioned I was a legal patient now and told him some things about our medical cannabis law. He says, '...so you can grow legally now? Want some seeds?'


I've never been lucky, but this one is trump. Last week, he showed up at my house, and gifted to me 2 sealed glass vials of gold & red bud seeds from pre 1975. Also, 2 smaller vials of most rare Thai Stick seeds from the same era.


Now, these are 35+ year old seeds of the true old school landrace gear, and how could you get them today...short of having a time machine. He had them stored in the glass vials in a little velvet pouch in the bottom of his sock drawer. I've not counted them yet, but I'm saying there are about 3 hundred seeds total of the Columbian Gold/Red. Maybe 30-50 seeds total of the Thai. Am I thankful? Yes I am. I'm hoping for one male & one female to at least run a seed crop.





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