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Rally For Rights



Hello as all of us in the mm community know oakland county and their group of renegade sheriffs and politicians have been raiding legitimate comppasion clubs, obtaining records of patients and caregivers and then also raiding homes of qualified patients and caregivers..Though this is only one county we will all be affected if we dont stand together and fight..I am suggesting we hold a rally and march to oakland cnty city hall before the end of this summer 2010..


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Honestly, the Federal Laws that provide patient information protection don't apply to illegal activities, which is exactly what these business are from a federal perspective. The Oakland County officials clearly have to be working in conjunction with federal law enforcement officials carrying out their own agenda seperate from the political side show generated by the sheriffs infamous "Cheech and Chong" comment. Aside from that point, the operators of SOME, not all, of these clinics were clearly getting greedy, and stepping their bounds. I'm not saying the raids are right, I despise them as much as the next, but if you play with fire you get burned and these guys are going way beyond the law into a grey area not currently defined. Pushing for reform of our Medical Marihuana Law is the answer, here not flag burning.



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yes your so right we need more petitionsits almost like the king left the rules in primer so his pawns would be to blame

i say its time to paint this gray to black and white .soon before more patients suffer from unclear rules

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