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Make Mine Michigan!

Frank R


I'm new to the MMJ community, just completed Med Grow a few weeks back, have had my card for a couple of months.

My take on the recent raids in Oakland and Lapeer is that there is obviously great confusion on how MMJ is going to be made available to Patients.

The only way this is going to work is if we create a "Walled Garden", much like Apple has done with their iProducts.

We need to ensure that only MMJ that is produced inside of the great state of Michigan, in facilities that are compliant with the plant count are being sourced.

We need to really focus on transparency in the MMJ supply chain.

It will be challenging to provide only compliant MMJ to Patients, but to ensure a good public image we have to set the greed aside and focus on providing 100% Michigan grown medicine for all patients.

I look forward to learning more on what it means to be within the bounds of the law, and how we can protect ourselves and our patients from the external black market forces that will surly be the death of MMJ if left to run wild.

Whether you're a Caregiver or a Patient obtaining medicine say, "Make mine Michigan!"


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I could not agree more. To me, bringing legitimacy to the Medical Marihuana Community starts with perfect compliance of state law. It's bad enough that federal agents can shut anyone down at any time, only greed motivates anyone to step beyond those bounds. It is these individuals who will end up hurting our cause more than anyone. The overall community sentiment can quickly turn negative towards medical marihuana because of these individuals. This has happened in several other states, most recently in Montana where public backlash was enough to get a petition started to ban medical marihuana completely. We all must work together to promote responsible use and compliance with state law. I love the slogan as well, keeping this medical marihuana community growing by constantly promoting MICHIGAN BASED BUSINESSES should be a goal of all Michiganders. It will ultimately provide benefits to everyone in this state, whether u are part of this community or not. I also firmly believe that we can cultivate marihuana here that is on par if not better than any place in the WORLD. I will spread the word around; " Make mine Michigan"!



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I certainly agree with your point, I also firmly believe that we can cultivate marihuana here that is on par if not better than any place in the WORLD. I will spread the word around; " Make mine Michigan"!

I've outsourced much more complicated manufacturing processes to Asia, where they have been able to get up and running quickly.

Matching quality and productivity seen in the US of A.

How do they do it?

We give them all the processes and procedures and train them how to make the widgets.

That was my strategy with attending Med Grow.

Grow Michigan, Go Green!

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In Michigan, we are very lucky that we are given the right to grow our own medicine and caregive for the number of patients that we can. In Pennsylvania's proposed bill a caregiver could only support one patient and a patient cannot also be considered a caregiver. The collectives or dispensaries would be run like the liquor stores there and would require a license that would be nearly unobtainable. Also, in New Jersey the medicine can only be provided by the state from my understanding.

Now we just need a law that everyone agrees on what it means so we can continue getting our medicine.

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