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Good Luck To Everyone Attending The Rally!




Just wanted to wish everyone good luck and say a few words for those attending the rally tomorrow. If you are on this site at all you have seen the posts on appropriate conduct. I want to re-iterate the importance that patients should NOT medicate in public during this protest. I feel as strongly as anyone about these gross and disturbing violations of civil liberties and patients rights under the MMA. The fact remains that we as a medical marihuana community are the ones who have to convince everyone in this state, especially members of the law enforcement, that Marihuana is a legitimate medicine. If this is our ultimate goal, anything that will work against that goal is just as much of our enemy as the actions we are marching against in protest. Smoking in public will ABSOLUTELY undermine our cause, if we want to be taken seriously as a community we must act accordingly. Please do the right thing, these are the moments that will define our movement and we can't afford to give our opponents anything that can be used against us.



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My wife and I will be there with two signs:




Bringing meds to the rally is a poor, poor decision.

Unless you like police dogs sniffing you out and their friendly handlers to put you up for the evening that is...

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How can we get more people to attend next time? Uhhh Perhaps don't hold the rally during a time where the majority of the state isn't at work. Ohh wait this is Michigan I forgot the majority of the state probably doesn't even have a job. Can u think of a new emerging industry that could possible change that? Hmmmm I wonder...... Not to fret, instead of just criticizing I will also offer a suggestion. A WEEKEND rally at the state capitol in Lansing to demand proper enforcement and, ultimately, IMPROVEMENT AND EXPANSION of this great states medical mariHuana laws. Spread the word for not only positive non-violent activism, but also intelligent and carefully planned activism.



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I was out of the state during the rally. Are there any news write ups/reports? Anyone that went that would like to share their experience? I'm really curious about how everything went.

Thanks in advance.

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