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Safermich: Detroit Ballot Initiative-- It's A Done Deal!‏

Marijuana Ranch



Colleagues, it is my great pleasure to announce the signature gathering phase of the Detroit Ballot Initiative campaign has come to an end, and the "Coalition for a Safer Detroit" topped out yesterday with the 6,000 gross signatures needed. Should we make the ballot and win the election in November, the Detroit City code will be amended to legalize the possession or use of an ounce or less of marijuana on private property, by anyone over 21 years of age. Our signature gatherers hit the street on March 4th, and we got the job done in just slightly over four weeks. We expect to turn in the signatures sometime in the next couple weeks. We are still working out media details. Check out our web site at: www.saferdetroit.net. Best Wishes,


Tim Beck

The First National Building

660 Woodward Ave, Suite 2400

Detroit, Michigan 48226




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bunny muffin!! No one in Detoilet has been hasseled about an ounce or less in YEARS!!! The cops just "confiscate" it and take it home...lol


In detroit they typically will only hassle you if they are after you. And you did something to tinkle some one off. They have let even pounds go. They have bigger issues to worry about like Crack, heroin, rapists, killers...etc.

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