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New Medical Cannabis Legislation In Mi?

Bob Heflin



I'm not an attorney or a legislative genius but do we really need to re-invent the legislative wheel to protect patients in MI? Karen O'Keefe, the chief architect of the MMMAct, has defined the legislative evolution of Rhode Island, a medical cannabis 'precursor state' to MI with almost identical initial legislation.


Two years after their initial legislation, Rhode Island passed legislative amendments which:

1) offer protection for patient to patient transfers

2) allow patients and caregivers to possess 12 immature plants and 12 budding plants

3) allow a 'limited number' of state licensed and regulated 'storefront dispensaries'--take note Michiganders that dispensaries were illegal in Rhode Island until the additional legislative amendments were passed. Like Rhode Island, we are limited to the legislative protections which exists in the current MMMAct---until we make similar changes.


Since many of the recent raids in Southeast MI have been over issues which aren't any more legally protected in MI then they were in Rhode Island before passage of their legislative amendments, why not tweak the Rhode Island amendments to adapt them for use in MI since the initial legislation in both states is almost identical.


It would give the medical marijuana community in MI a simple set of legislative amendments which might help to ensure a safe supply of medicine for patients, expand limits and protections for patients/caregivers, create legal protections as well as rules and regulations for storefront dispensaries. Finally, new legislative amendments similar to legislation enacted in Rhode Island would eliminate the current situation of continuous raids and negative blowback created by those who exceed the limits of our current legislation.



Recommended Comments

If a positive patient outcome could be assured with amendments that would be fine.


Given today's excitable political climate some could be concerned that amendments would be added, in the spirit of compromise, to restrict patients activities or require additional registration and review with local government authorities.


While additional legislation to provide direction is good, shouldn't the medical marijuana market place be allowed grow and develop under current small business, city, county, and state regulations.

If the activity proves to be a hazard then regulate.

Thus far no one has shown negative impact due to structured sales of Michigan medical marijuana on a given community.

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I agree, any legislation is a crapshoot. But new legislation is coming as it has in other medical cannabis states and we must make our opinions known to those doing the changing! That's how we forced the MDCH to revise their Administrative Rules to accurately reflect the initiative that us voters passed.


We have numbers (30,000+) now to hold our elected officials feet to the fire. There are as many as 8 medical cannabis bills floating through the legislature right now. You should be calling, writing and emailing YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NOW expressing your displeasure with any bill that doesn't reflect the will of the voters, and the needs of the patients! Most of the bills as drafted are pure bovine excrement, but we can't afford to ignore them.


Our primary concern, ahead of any revised or enlightened legislation, is the election of David Leyton for Attorney General. If Bill Schute, the "other guy" and the primary antagonist against the passage of this law in 2008 wins, we will have an uphill battle even with favorable legislation.


Elect Judge Denise Lanford Morris to Supreme Court. Judge Robert Young is a conservative who is supported by Bill Schute!


Vote NO on Prop 1


Thanks Bob, great post!

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Thanx for the information Bob!........where can i find more about this?. Since I've read your blog, I've been looking all over and I can't seem to find much. For example: Is there actually a vote other than just keeping unfriendly reps out?

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