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Legalize For Anxiety & Depression




i couldnt have wrote it better myself, right now im on xanax and although it helps my anxiety and depression, when im off of it it makes it worst because of the addiction, ive been through way too many drugs and they all have there side effects, long term and short term, right now and prolly 4ever i dont have a license, but i do smoke, and it helps with my anxiety so well that sometimes i even forget i have it,lol!!!


i believe that if they can legalize alcohol which turns people into a-holes, than they should legalize weed which makes cat lovers into full on animal lovers!!! =)


-personal question-

How many people do you know pick up a joint and have an urge to beat someone or steal a car, do they get loud and obnoxious like alcoholics, and why havent they just legalized yet???


i personally smoke a pack a day of Newport 100's in a box, how bad are they for ur lungs??? how bad is weed???



-Symptoms of Weed-


-slowing of thoughts/ better help precessing

-relief!!! =)

-help sleeping

-deffinitly helps keep you from getting upset =)


-Symptoms of Alcohol-

-stupidity/ mind altering in a bad way

-anger/ aggression =(

-bad breath

-waking up not knowing where you are or whos next to you =?



Andrew Lyewski



!!--Not Me--!!

"Personally – I’ve suffered from Anxiety and Depression from a very young age – its not something people just magic into existence – its not something people choose – another misconception with mental disorders. I’ve taken a myriad of anti-depressants from the less category, and now have moved onto the more catagory, Cymbalta. I have experience no change in my condition since starting Cymbalta nearly two months ago now. I do however find relief from my anxiety and depressive symptoms through Medical Marijuana. The heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweatiness and lack of concentration are completely eradicated after treatment with Medical Marijuana."



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I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and I take valium it helps and I think using my medical marijuana helps to and as far as cymbalta I did not like the way they made me feel and gave me nightmares!

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I'm also a fellow high strung individual. Cannabis has helped me my entire life to be able to manage my anxiety. I have'nt ever taken prescription drugs because they kindof scare me. I mean, I don't think they even test enough before they release them to the public. It helps slow me down just enough to let me organize my thoughts and be productive, instead of sitting around with a head buzzing with negativity because I'm thinking of everything at once.

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