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As a medical marijuana patient and full time student living in the dorms of a local university, have been denied not only the right to medicate on campus but have meds in my possession on campus. I have chronic back pain along with spasms am I really expected to walk to a non public place off campus when getting out of bed is a chore? I need to meet some patients, this seems like the place to do it. Email me at zactrafelet@yahoo.com if there is any info on the laws and possible leagal ways to get meds as I was told to leave because of my age by a local dispensary, would be very much appreciated.



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I think the law is correct in keeping drugs out of our school system..wheather it be grade schools or collage the fact is all the same.

Drugs have no place in our schools..The law is there to protect other people..if you need to medicate so bad and getting out of bed is a chore maybe stop going to school and get on ssi..

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We really feel for you Zac, the problem is that your school and the law are only trying to control those students (as well as anyone else) who abuse the privilege. It's ashame that someone who really benefits from alternative medication has to be denied your new legal rights, but I hope you can see that it is those who abuse the privilege that are ruining it for the rest of us. I will get ahold of you shortly about what we can offer you.

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Ann Arbor students do not have any problems as it seems a majority if not MM patients themselves, fully support others

use. We all agree the criminal penalties of marijuana have to end. We cannot, nor do most reasonable people want, jails

filled with people over marijuana.


VOTE ZAC, VOTE. It is very important (and take all your friends with you).


As for your complaint, Just try somewhere else for medical marijauan. If you have your Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry Card, they should not have any issue helping you!



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Why not just be like 80% of other students in dorms that smoke and use a dryer sheet filter to blow ur hits in and smoke in ur room with the window open and a fan blowing out n a towel on the bottom of the door..... I smoked in a dorm many times at msu with a friend that may or may not have been helpfully supplying the dorm community with alternative medicine.. using a dryer sheet filter of course


Good luck as ron burgendy would say "Go flower yourself San Diego" ;)

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